Storage Visualization:

img_2Storage visualization allows storage administrators to add storage capacity using inexpensive disk storage systems, and to manage that storage as virtual storage pools – without regard for its physical location or attributes. By doing so, administrators have much more flexibility when it comes to managing, utilizing and backing up that storage. As a result, the business can adapt quickly and dynamically, especially when building on-demand operating environments. Hightower has years of experience helping companies design and deploy virtualized storage solutions based on IBM storage, VMware and NetApp virtualization products.

Virtual Tape Libraries (VTLs):

Ever since storage prices started falling dramatically, the demand for disk-based virtual tape libraries has continued to rise. Disk-based virtual tape drives are significantly faster at backups and restores, are more reliable than traditional tape storage solutions and they eliminate a multitude of human and machine errors associated with tapes. In addition, virtual tape libraries can emulate multiple libraries, meaning that one VTL can run multiple backup applications on multiple operating systems.
Hightower can help you implement virtual tape libraries and integrate them throughout your entire IT environment. Our deep experience with various VTL technologies – including those from our partners IBM and SEPATON – puts Hightower at the forefront of virtual tape solutions and services.

Data Center Planning Services:

Using Hightower Computer Services lets you access project engineering expertise gained from years of experience designing and implementing complex infrastructure solutions. A certified installation and commissioning of your system ensures that the equipment is configured for optimal performance. This saves you time, money, while extending the life of your hardware. With the option of installation packages or individual service components, you can pick and choose how Hightower Computer Services can best serve you.


Project Management

Hightower Project Management

image_6Hightower’s customers require the best solutions, products and services, not to mention the greatest efficiency putting them into place. To meet these strict demands, Hightower assigns certified project managers to nearly every project, no matter the size.
All projects benefit from the application of project management. Hightower project managers employ a methodology adopted from their studies through the Project Management Institute (PMI), one with the flexibility to adapt to projects of varying sizes and complexity. Using the PMI framework, Hightower project managers can manage a project as small as a single server installation, or as large as a multivendor, multi-location installation of servers, storage, switches and tape to support a disaster recovery effort.
The upshot? Successful project completion under tight deadlines that would otherwise be unattainable with internal staff alone—all within budget.

Hightower project managers:

  • Manage your total end-to-end solution, working with you from inception to final signoff and acceptance.
  • Facilitate communication between all stakeholders within your organization, vendors and Hightower.
  • Lighten the workload on your internal resources and allow them to focus on other tasks.
  • Leverage Hightower’s strategic alliances with key vendors, allowing us to provide immediate technical support when needed.