Our Solutions at Hightower’s include:

Network Administration and Systems Analysis

Web Development and Support

Information Assurance; Systems Certification & Accreditation

Systems Engineering and Cloud Computing

Disaster Recovery and Risk Management

Data and Database Management

Regulatory and Standards Compliance


Electronic Scanning and Imaging

Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR)



backup-three-laptops-plugged-into-word Without a comprehensive storage strategy, your company is at risk of losing much more than just your business’s valuable data. Government and industry violations, downtime, loss of customers’ trust and absence of a realistic technical roadmap all equate to potential losses of money and time.The relentless growth of data continues to test even the most robust backup and recovery environments.

Hightower delivers storage area network (SAN) solutions that:

  • Reduce the amount of stored data by leveraging Data De-duplication (Dedupe) technologies
  • Optimize the effectiveness of the backup environment
  • Provide the fastest restores possible in the event of an outage, lost data, or data corruption

In addition to the traditional tape backup and restore solutions, larger and faster tape media such as LTO and the advent of disk-based “Virtual Tape Libraries” (VTLs) have brought new options to our customers. Hightower is uniquely positioned to help our customers understand these options, which address Data Archiving, Tiered Storage/HSM, and Disk-to-Disk data storage solutions.

Our methodology involves a three step approach to maintaining high availability and continuous operations:

  • Assess the regulatory and industry requirements for protecting an environment.
  • Assess and recommend the methods to manage the retained content.
  • Implement the right technologies to support those plans.



Unfortunately, your business is always at risk of downtime. Natural disasters, technical or human errors, and viruses can all lead to critical disruptions in your access to crucial business applications. But today, more than ever, downtime is expensive, resource-intensive, and in many cases, unacceptable or illegal because of industry and regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

Ensure high availability and continuous operations.

To protect your business data and the systems that support it, you need to enact a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan that ensures:

  • Key business applications and data are protected and available
  • Protection costs are predictable and manageable
  • Operations continue after an outage or a disaster

Hightower has the experience to design, test and install a disaster recovery plan and business continuity system for you. In addition, our on-site support teams will work with you to keep your storage systems up-to-date and trouble-free in the future.

Data Center Planning Services


Improve your data center’s performance while lowering the total cost of ownership
Using Hightower Computer Services lets you access project engineering expertise gained from years of experience designing and implementing complex infrastructure solutions. A certified installation and commissioning of your system ensures that the equipment is configured for optimal performance. This saves you time, money, while extending the life of your hardware. With the option of installation packages or individual service components, you can pick and choose how Hightower Computer Services can best serve you.

  • Needs Assessment Services
  • Installation Planning
  • Start-up
  • Server Migration and Cable Management
  • Storage Virtualization
  • APC InfrastruXure Datacenter

Microsoft Solution’s

As a member of the Microsoft Partner Developer Network, Hightower Consulting Services has the experience to engineer, deploy, and support all Microsoft solutions.

  • Microsoft Windows Active Directory Implementation/Migration Services.
  • Microsoft Windows Server Infrastructure Planning and Deployment Services.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Implementation and Migration Services.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Services.
  • Microsoft System Operations Manager and Configuration Manager Services.
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server.

Whether your IT environment is simple or complex, Hightower can help you define your goals and align them with business strategy. We can help you select the appropriate server edition and make the right choices on the extensive set of security and other configuration options. We understand applications and can help you decide when and how to migrate them. Finally, we can help you develop a plan to monitor, maintain and support your new environment so you can resolve issues before they become business disruptions.