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Cyber Security Assessment

Why is there a need for Cyber Assessment for your organization?

Hightower offers a host of services that will assist your organization to successfully manage cyber security initiatives that align with strategy to:

1. Protect the people, the homeland, and way of life
2. Promote prosperity
3. Preserve peace through strength

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) services include: 

   – Automatically deploying patches
   – Managing and distributing HW & SW
   – Securing USB and mobile devices
   – Containerizing proprietary data
   – Configuring firewalls and browsers
   – Prohibiting unsolicited applications

Hightower Cyber Security Needs Assessment (CSNA)will evaluate your organizational needs for:

⦁ Identity and Access Management
⦁ Multi-factor Authentication
⦁ Enterprise Single Sign-on
⦁ Secure System Integration
⦁ Audit Logging