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Data and Database Management

Backup and Recovery

Without a comprehensive storage strategy, your company is at risk of losing much more than just your business’s valuable data. Government and industry violations, downtime, loss of customers’ trust and absence of a realistic technical roadmap all equate to potential losses of money and time. The relentless growth of data continues to test even the most robust backup and recovery environments.
Hightower delivers storage area network (SAN) solutions that:

• Reduce the amount of stored data by leveraging Data De-duplication (Dedupe) technologies

• Optimize the effectiveness of the backup environment

• Provide the fastest restores possible in the event of an outage, lost data, or data corruption

In addition to the traditional tape backup and restore solutions, larger and faster tape media such as LTO and the advent of disk-based ‘Virtual Tape Libraries” (VTLs) have brought new options to our customers. Hightower is uniquely positioned to help our customers understand these options, which address Data Archiving, Tiered Storage/HSM, and Disk-to-Disk data storage solutions.

Our methodology involves a three step approach to maintaining high availability and continuous operations:

• Assess the regulatory and industry requirements for protecting an environment.

• Assess and recommend the methods to manage the retained content.

• Implement the right technologies to support those plans.